Muratcan Gökçe, GYD

I born in Turkey and studied fine arts film and tv with full scholarship at Istanbul Bahcesehir University.

I fell in love with moving image thanks to the movies of Coen Brothers and Tarantino and started taking photos to in my childhood and this was how I started experimenting light and shadow to express what I was seeing.

I worked as an AC in numerous projects (commercials and movies) for production companies as such as RSA UK, Working Title, National Geographic, AZ Celtic Films etc.

In 2013 I have started working as a director of photography and camera operator, who follows his passion on creating moving images. 

Since then, I shot numerous commercials, feature films, shorts, documentaries in different parts of world alongside with Turkey. Areas covered as such as Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Spain and South Africa. 

I am a member of Cinematographer’s Association of Turkey (GYD) since 2015.

    And still following light to create beautiful images to tell stories to people as a cinematographer with an evolving passion.