Muratcan Gökçe : Director of Photography


I was born in southern Turkey and studied Film and TV with full scholarship at Istanbul Bahcesehir University.

I fell in love with moving image from my childhood thanks to the Coen Brothers and Tarantino, then I started working as AD & PA on TVCs in 2009. After a while, I moved to camera department to follow my dreams and worked on lots of TV features, feature films and hundreds of TVCs as an AC. Then worked with well known DOPs from different regions with prestigious local and worldwide production companies as such as Working Title Films, RSA Film UK, AZ Celtic Films, Anka Films etc.

In 2013, I started working as a director of photography and camera operator, who follows his passion on creating moving images. Since then, I shot numerous commercials, feature films, shorts, documentaries in different parts of world alongside with Turkey. I have shooting experience with local/foreign productions in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, The Netherlands, South Africa. In addition became the first director of photography who ever experienced the workflow of Blackmagic cameras in Turkey.

I am in awe of natural light and try to use or support it as much as possible. That’s one of the reasons of why I am very fast on set and why my works generally look like a piece from a movie. I like to experiment with different colours. I love the depth feeling which given by a nice backlight, like a sunrise or sunset and believe flares gives a smooth look if it is properly used. I care location scouting a lot and usually after a scouting with me, there would be only one or two questions that need to be answered left.

Some of the happy brands which worked with me includes: Al Jazeera Network, Artbychance Ultra Short Film Festival, Kentucky Fried Chicken, National Geographic, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks Turkey, Turkish Airlines, Turkcell, Turk Telekom (ex TTNET), Vodafone Turkey etc.

I have chance to work with following production companies and agencies: Anima Istanbul, AZ Celtic Films, Böcek, Dinamo Istanbul, Profilm, Vana Film and 4129 Grey, Guzel Sanatlar, Medina Turgul DDB, Plasenta, Tribal Worldwide Istanbul, etc.

Most of our collaborations with that brands, agencies and production houses has earned a nice reputation, and newsworthiness. As a result of this, some were awarded by different advertorial festivals:

2015: Vodafone - #Sabret (Mediacat Felis Awards 2015)

2016: Turk Telekom - Fiber Cities (Golden Effie at Effie Awards 2016)

I became the youngest member of Cinematographer’s Association of Turkey in 2015.

And still following light to create beautiful images to tell stories to people with an evolving passion.