Muratcan Gökçe Director of Photography

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Germany, Austria, Switzerland:

Carolina Klass
+49 157 53 70 58 33


Yeşim Kadıoğlu
+90 532 514 63 66

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Berlin & Istanbul based director of photography.


Muratcan is an accomplished cinematographer based in Berlin and Istanbul, renowned for capturing diverse narratives in commercials, films, music videos, documentaries and passion projects. His visual journey began in childhood, experimenting with lights, shadows, and textures through a disposable camera.

Recently, Muratcan's work on "Merve Kült" (a.k.a "You Do You") dominated Netflix's non-English Top Movies chart for weeks. Beyond films, he collaborates with global brands, infusing a unique vision into projects and thriving on challenges requiring high technical knowledge. He loves the dynamic experience of running around with a camera and crew too, expressing a deep appreciation for both aspects of the craft.

Based between Berlin and Istanbul, Muratcan infuses his work with distinct cultural influences. As a cinematographer exploring different countries, he is addicted to blending cultures and amazing geographies with his own taste and the vision of fellow creators, drawing inspiration from the natural movement and harmony of light. He loves adding a cinematic touch by creating texture, using grain, and playing with lens flares whenever he can.

His repeated shortlisting for Cinematography at Berlin Commercial since 2020 underlines Muratcan's growing impact in Europe. With humble dedication, Muratcan remains committed to fresh perspectives in cinematography, anticipating the evolving impact of his cinematic journey—one frame at a time.