Pigeon! (Turkey's first Blackmagic Cinema Camera film)

What happens if the pigeons start to explode in your living room?

Pigeons start to disturb a man who lives in the middle of Istanbul, Taksim. When he realize that these exploding things are pigeons, he decide to investigate the situation and try to find an answer to that question: "what they are trying to do and why they are exploding at his living room?" He start to investigate from where their population density is high (as such as historical peninsula, Eminonu and Ortakoy) to his apertment's roof as well), but the answer is not a thing he expect.

We want to simulate with cine360.com how the BMCC could work in a exact indie situation with this film which produced by Turkey's only one professional camera solutions company, Cine 360. We have a low budget except post production because of our aim, simulating indie conditions of couse, and we made this film. We shot the film in 3 days and we shot some extras in another fourth day.

Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF mount pre production / RAW.
Edited on Final Cut Pro
Graded on Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 9 (Provided by Sinefekt)

Used equipments provided by Cine 360 (www.cine360.com):
2x Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF mount Pre Production (http://www.cine360.com/shop/blackmagic-sinema-kamera-ef/)
1x Shape BMCC offset shoulder rig (http://www.cine360.com/shop/shape-blackmagic-offset-rig/)
1x Movcam shoulder rig
2x Movcam Follow Focus
3x Rolux AB mount batteries
1x Sandisk Extreme 480GB SSD (http://www.cine360.com/shop/sandisk-extreme-ssd-480gb/)
1x Retina Macbook Pro
1x Promise Pegasus R4 Thunderbold Raid HDD (http://www.cine360.com/shop/4tb-pegasus-r4-raid-storage-with-thunderbolt-4x-1tb/)

Used lenses and other equipments:
Sandisk Extreme 480 GB SSD (Provided by Muratcan Gokce)
Samyang 35 mm, 85mm lenses (Provided by Muratcan Gokce)
Takumar 55mm (Provided by Muratcan Gokce)
Canon 16-35mm L (Provided by Bahcesehir University)
Canon 70-300mm (Provided by Hakan Kemixiz)
Sigma 10-20mm (Provided by Cagdas Yildirim)
Citiwide Variable ND Filter (provided by Muratcan Gokce)
Phottix Circular Polarize Filter (provided by Muratcan Gokce)
Zoom h4n (Provided by Yigit Ilke Yucesan)
Rode boom mic (Provided by Bahcesehir University)
Lighting equipment provided by Istanbul Lighting.